About KYBELLA®Kybella

KYBELLA®  injection is indicated for improvement in the appearance of moderate to severe convexity or fullness associated with submental fat in adults.

KYBELLA®is used to target and destroy the fat cells in the chin area. This treatment can be performed in under 30 minutes. Most people receive desired results in 2-4 sessions but in some cases it may take six sessions which can be spaced about 4-6 weeks apart. The injection process is relatively painless and most people can resume normal activities the following day. You can expect to see some bruising, redness, and swelling for up to 2 weeks, as the fat cells begin melting away. The mild swelling is typically just by the  injection site. This typically subsides within a few days.

Patients will begin to see results a few weeks after their initial treatment.


Kybella has been proven to permanently reduce the fat cells in the chin area, proper weight management is necessary to maintain the results of the procedure.  Excessive weight gain can make the treatment area appear to be fuller, while aging can make both the chin and neck area loose.


Important Safety Information
KYBELLA® should only be administered by a trained healthcare professional.